12th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
Caswell Bay, Wales, 1968

Conference Handbook

List of Papers

Peter Hudson: Population Environment and Institutions
Mary Rawson: Speculation, Urban Renewal and Land-Value Taxes
A. R. Hutchinson: Land Rent as Public Revenue in Australia
Ted Gwartney: The Southfield Story
Roy Douglas: The Fortunes of Free Trade in Britain
S. W. Alexander: Free Trade: A Moral Issue
Hong Kong: Free Trade, Free Enterprise: An Example
Victor G. Saldji: The Land Commission’s Betterment Levy
F. McEachran: Henry George and Karl Marx – Thirty Years after
R. J. Rennie: Contrasting Philosophies of East and West
F. Dupuis: Human Rights
Ronald Banks: Political Philosophies in Great Britain
Julia Bastian: House Purchase on the Margin
F.R. Giggs: New Homes for a New Society
William Thompson: Nothing New under the Sun
W. D. Farr: Justice and Jurisprudence
Gustav Bohnsack: Town Planning and Land-Value Taxation
N. Bilitch: Patents: a Right to Property
Woodrow W. Williams: Farm Policies for Land Owners in the USA
Kul Bushan: Jambo Kenya
Mitchell S. Lurio: From Gold to Token Money
Knud Tholstrup: Why put up with Inflation?
David B. Ascher: Land Registration and Land Value
R. Clancy: Human Rights – Then and Now
Rolland O’Regan
State Leaseholds–The Basis for Land Reform
David B. Ascher: Fortschritt und Zeit
*) Missing