9th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
St. Andrews, Scotland, 1955

List of Papers:

F.A.W. Lucas: Towards Real Peace
V. G. Peterson: Land to the Tiller
John Bathe: Latin America; a Victim of Land Monopoly
Victor Saljdi: New Light on Richard Cobden and the Land Question
V.H. Blundell: False Path to higher Wages
John Peter: The Tenure, Taxation and Rating of Land in Scotland
A.W. Madsen: Land-Value Rating. Principle and Practice
Ashley Mitchell: The Land Value and Free Trade Movement in Great Britain
Robert Clancy: The Resurgence of Henry George
Jesus P. Borrell: What is Social Science?
Martin Pfannschmidt: Recovery and Reconstruction in W. Germany
Max Toubeau: Does Taxation matter? Answering Sceptics in France
A.W. Madsen: Danish Land Values Commission – an Explanatory Mem.
Rolland O’Regan: Report to the Conference/New Zealand National Tax
J. Rupert Madsen: A look around the World
K.J. Kristensen: Land Valuation and Land-Value Taxation in Denmark
Constitution and Officers
Declaration of Human Rights
Conference Members
*) Mangler