San Francisco

14th International Conference on Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
San Francisco, USA, 1979

List of Papers

S.S Gilchrist: The Basic Causes of Unemployment
Robert Swann: The Cooperative Land Bank Concept
Graham Hart: Distribution of Wealth in a Georgist Economy
Dr. Robert V. Andelson: The Earth is the Lord’s
Ronald Burgess: Economic Study Association Research Group
Siebe Sevenster: The Essence, The Functioning, and The Destination of Land Values
Frank Goble: Henry George and the American Ethic
Knud Tholstrup: How to Convert Income Tax to L.V.T.
Steven Cord: The Immorality of Private Ownership of Land Rent: A New Approach
George Hardy: The Justification and Limits of Public Property in Free Society
Robert D. Goodier: Land & Mass Transit Financing
A.R. Hutchinson: Land Rent as Public Revenue in Australia
Knud Tholstrup: The Land Tax and Inflation
George L. Collins: Land Value Taxation – An Incentive to Business, Housing, Jobs and a Stable Revenue Base for Philadelphia
William B. Truehard: Land Value Taxation Applied to a Large Metropolitan Area
A.M. Woodruff: Lessons from the Application of Georgist Ideas on Taiwan
Robert de Fremery: Monetary Requirements of a Free Society
Terry Newland: The Natural Economic Order of Silvio Gesell
Fred Harrison: Oil and The Petty Effect
Wylie Young: One Thing That Might Save Us All
Ernie Bryan: People and Progress
Mark Satin: The Politics of Transformation: The “Third Way” In American Politics
John Barder: The Population Bogey-Bomb
Andrea Carmen / Ram Kumar: Prout: A Social Philosophy For a Progressive Human Society
Robert Clancy: Survey of the Georgist Movement
G.M. Gitong Aritho: Taxation of Unimproved Land Values: The Kenya Experience
Jan J. Pot: Tax Shift or Lease Shift
Godfrey R.A. Dunkley: Three Pillars of Civilization
Perry Prentice: The Trillion-Dollar Cost of Today’s Property Tax
Robert Andelson: Who Are We? What Do We Stand For?
Morgan Harris: Wants Another Tax?
Roy Douglas: Did Britain Abandon Free Trade?
Philip Finkelstein: The Next 100 Years of Progress and Poverty
Keith Roberts: Henry George and Consumerism