21st International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
Roskilde, Denmark, 1995

Conference Theme:
The missing Clause in the Bill of Rights: The Land for the People

List of Papers

Robert V. Andelson: Global LVT Update. An enquiry
J.J. Pot: Latest Development in the Science of Political Economy Discussion.
Stan Rubenstein: The Declaration of Independence -Where it all began.
Helen I. Fjortoft: Fill the Rights Gap.
Richard Noyes: Property Rights: A Commonsensism.
Even Lorch-Falch: The World demands a new way of thinking – A new mentality.
Tatyana Roskoshnaya: Novgorod Model of reforming Public Finances based on Land Rent.
Tamara Chistyakova: Stable Development of Russian Territories and Settlements based on Land Rent.
Alhaji Shaibu Itimu, MP: Land Policy and Reform Programme in Malawi.
lan Lambert: Righting Wrongs – An end to the Language of Rights and the Rebirth of Freedom,
Bent Straarup: United Nations and Missing Human Rights
Ole Lefmann: Scrap the old tax.
Phil Anderson: Georgist Federal Government Budget in Australia.
F. Scornik Gerstein: The Poll Tax – A UK Experience. Its theoretical and practical implications.
Viktor Ledenyov: No Paper
Antony Trowbridge: Re-integrated Socio-Economic Urban Design.
Jørn Jensen: Cadastral Surveys and the assessment of Land Values. The Danish Model
George Collins: Developments in High School Programs.
Peter Gibb: The Missing Clause which explains the Missing (No Paper)
Jack Schwartzman: The “Decline and Fall” of Georgism, and a New Modest Proposal.
John Hatherley: Let’s Re-align the factors of production
Harry Pollard: The Reconstruction of Henry George – Part II
Ian Lambert: The Reconstruction of Henry George – Part II Freedom and Monopoly
C. Lowell Harriss: Who should support our proposals and why?
Lecture by J.J. Pot:

Appendix 1: The United Declaration of Human Rights
Appendix 2: Letters, Messages and Papers.
Appendix 3: The Programme and the Speakers
Appendix 4: Letters, Messages and Papers. List of Participants