2nd International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade,
Oxford, England 1923.

List of Papers

Charles E. Crompton: “Our Principle and Policy.” Presidential Address
Dundas White: International Aspects of Land-Value Policy.
Abel Brink: Henry George in Denmark; Experiences And Results.
Signe Bjørner: The Spiritual, Mental And Economic Background for The Henry George Movement in Denmark.
Alex. Paletta: The Taxation of Land Values in Germany
Antonio Albendin: Spain And South America: What The Single Taxer Can Do.
L. Outhwaite: Economic Rent: The Case For Its Full Appropriation by Act Of Parliament.
Robert C. Macauley: Political Action in The U.S.A. For Adoption of The Single Tax.
Johan Hansson: The Free Trade Issue and Land Value Legislation in Sweden
Wielgolaski.: Steps Towards Land Value Taxation in Norway
L&L, August1922: Land Value Taxation in Western Canada
W. Madsen: The Taxation of Land Values In Operation in British Dominions and Other Countries.
Andrew Maclaren: The Attitude of The British Political Parties to Land-Value Taxation.
Fiske Warren: Enclaves Of Economic Rent – Fairhope, Arden, Tahanto, Halidon, How To Obtain Single Tax Without Legislation.
Bolton Hall I Am Only One Man.
Frank Stephens: The Arden Enclave
Julius J. Pikler: Theoretical and Tactical Lessons from The Introduction Of Land-Value Policy in Hungary.
Robert Braun: Social Conditions in Hungary
Charles Smithson: The Duty and Functions of The Churches!
Fredk. Verinder: Christian Economics; Private Property and Equal Rights in Land.
Dr. S. Vere Pearson: Land Monopoly, War and Public Debt.
Charles E. Crompton: The United Committee; Its Activities and its Place in the Movement.
M. Fowlds: Land Value Taxation In New Zealand
A.G. Huie: Land Value Taxation In New South Wales
E.J. Craigie: Land Value Taxation In South Australia,