New York City

6th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
New York City, 1939

List of Papers:

Henry George: Principle and Policy (Extract from Protection or Free Trade)
Bue Bjørner: The Future is Ours
A. C. Campbell: The Man Who invented Plenty
F.C.R. Douglas: Karl Marx’s Theories of Surplus Value and Land Rent
Rupert Mason: Tax Delinquency in the United States
Will Lissner: American Exploitation of Fuels and Minerals
Jakob E. Lange: A Letter from Henry George
F.C.R. Douglas: Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Land Value Taxation
A. W. Madsen: The Public Status of Land Value Taxation in Great Britain
K. J. Kristensen: Land Valuation in Denmark
G. M. Fowlds: Land Value Taxation in New Zealand
E. J. Craigie: The Taxing of Land Values in Australia
F. A. W. Lucas: Local Taxation in South Africa
Ernest J. Farmer: Effects of Land Value Policies in Canada
Alexander Hamilton: British Colombia: The Work of a Pioneer
Sam Meyer: France: A Political and Economic Survey
Kurt Schmidt: Distribution of Land Taxation in Germany
Ferdinand Merö: Hungary and Bulgaria
Report: New South Wales. The N.S.W. School of Social Science.
Bue Bjørner: En Verdenskongres. Invitation…