New York

11th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
New York, 1964

No Programme available
Gustav Bohnsack: The German Building Land Tax
Frank Wiles: Land Development and Taxation in a Central Commercial Zone
Rolland O’Regan: Report from New Zealand
V. G. Peterson: Land Reform in Hawaii
J. K. Kristensen: The Georgist Situation in Denmark
V. H. Blundell: Agitation for Land Reform in Great Britain
Robert Tideman: Land Tax Exemptions
*Philip Knab: Report from Austria
V. G. Saldji: The Whitstable Land Value Survey
Frank F. Bille: The Danish American Georgsist
Rolland O’Regan: Supplement to Report on New Zealand (Typed copy)
E. P. Middleton: Taxation and Rent (Typed copy)
Viggo Starcke: Letter of Compliments
Frank F. Bille: Outline of Monetary Theory
List of Members
*) Missing