London – 2013

28th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade,
London, UK, 2013


Ian Mason: Describes the School of Economic Science and addresses the theme of the conference.
Fernando Scornik Gerstein: speaks about the urgent need for new economics by describing events in his home country. His theme: The Spanish Crisis: the Consequences of Land Speculation.
Co-Moderators: David Triggs and Alanna Hartzok

Land & Geo-Justice – China and Korea
Peter Bowman: China – Four Thousand Years of Taxing the Land;
Sung-Chan Cho: History and Current Focus of Land Value Tax in Korea.
Co-Moderators: Tommas Graves and Bill Batt

Land Rights & Geo-Justice
David Triggs: Henry George & Natural Law;
Nicolaus Tideman: Resolving the Apparent Conflict between Land as Common Heritage and Land as Private Property.
Moderator: Carol Wilcox

Current Prospects & Projects
– Emer O’Siochru (Ireland),
– Quisia Gonzalez (Honduras & US)
Moderator: Dave Wetzel

Sharing The Commons.

Land Rights Prospects & Realities in Africa 
Amir Mohamed (Egypt),
Daniel Ishaya Dabo & Luka Bulus Achi (Nigeria);
– Peter Meakin (South Africa)
Moderator: Emer O’Siochru

Sharing the Land, Land Rent, & Money Commons
Rajesh Makwana & Adam Parsons (Share the World’s Resources),
Gary Flomenhoft
Moderator: Quisia Gonzalez

Sharing Water, Oil, Fish & Landing Slots
David Triggs
Alanna Hartzok
Chris Williams
Bill Batt
Moderator: Jane McNab

Commons Rent, Land Trusts & Ecovillages
(Anthony Trowbridge on the Zulu Village in RSA; Gordon Abiama (Nigeria) on Odi Ecovillage, both originally scheduled were unable to come to London).
Prof. Dr. Dirk Loehr (Germany): The Commons Challenge;
Dorota Owens: The Global Ecovillage Network.
Moderator: Alanna Hartzok

Socializing Land Rent, Untaxing Production
Case Study: Argentina. Delegates of the Economic Development Institute (ICE)
Hector Raul Sandler (did not come due to illness) &
Eduardo Conesa and delegates of the Association of Public Budget (ASAP)
Jorge Amado, Angel Sciara & Gustavo Sibilla analyze the Argentina case with a focus on public debt, crime, housing & urban land value. Proposals will include legal changes to facilitate access to land and reforms to pay public spending.
Moderator: Fernando Scornik Gerstein

Land Value Tax, Transport Funding & Affordable Housing
– Tony Vickers  
– Greg McGill;
– Heather Wetzel 
Moderator: Christian Wolmar

The Socialist Case for Supporting Annual Land Value Tax – Why socializing land rent and untaxing production is good for labour
Presented by Labour Land Campaign – Dave Wetzel, Carol Wilcox, Heather Wetzel.

Jane McNab : LVT in Canberra, Australia’s capital city.
Conversation with Gary Flomenhoft,

Towards a New Economics for Conscious Evolution
Leadership Skills – Alanna Hartzok will lead this experiential and interactive session that will have a focus on the power dynamics of new forms of leadership.

Inequality – Cause & Cure:
– Tommas Graves

Molly Scott Cato
– Moderator: Mirta Osorio

Publishing for Geo-Justice – Social/Internet and print media, magazines, academic journals
Anthony Werner,
Jacob Schwartz-Lucas,
John Stewart.
Moderator: David Triggs

Geo-Justice Strategic Synergy Workshop
We will co-creatively utilize open space methodology, small groups, brainstorming and brief presentations to envision and develop ways to strengthen and harmonize our work together after the conference concludes.
Facilitator: Alanna Hartzok