London 2010

26th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade,
London 2010

Welcome: Megan Campbell
Chairman: President of the IU, Fernando Scornlk Gerstein

Papers focusing on the failures of neo-liberal economic modelling, and learning lessons from the past as they inform 21″ century conditions
Dave Wetzel: China needs REAL land reform!
Ole Lefmann: Why Danes didn’t succeed, so near they were
George Campbell: Politics & Potential of Site Value Taxation in Ireland
Ronald Banks: Democracy Betrayed: Two Centuries of Fiscal and Philosophical Failure in Britain
Getting into the Mainstream
Panel Discussion. How do we get the Henry George message to a bigger audience?

New Strategies for Fiscal Reform
Frank Peddle: The Buckle Commission: Reversing a Twenty Year Trend – Can New Zealand Be a Crucible for the World?
lan Mason: Opportunities in the 21st century
Molly Scott Cato: Land as Commonwealth: fiscal and monetary consequences
Gavin R. Putland: Land-Backed Debt as a Revenue Base

2010 – How Did We Get Here?
IU Film Premiere: Caslno Capitalism
Fred Harrison: 2010 – The Inquest
With Expert Panel:
Ashley Seager: The Guardian Newspaper
Edward Dodson: Analysis of the meltdown of the U.S. financial markets, “Death by Debt Strangulation

Land Taxation and the Future of the Islamic World
IU Film Premiere: Crucible of Terror
Launch of IU book: The Predator Culture
Chairman: Frank Peddle
Fred Harrison: first millennium writings on public finance by Islamic scholars
Dr. Amazor Manzoor: The rise of Eurasia and the arrival of World War 3
Tarek El Diwany: The Problem With Interest
Ethiopian Embassy: Developing Countries and Sustainable Growth

Toward A New Society…
IU Film Premiere: Temple of Doom
David Gee: Ecological Tax Reform: a response to the Financial, Energy and Ecosystems Crises
Duncan Pickard: The conflict between scientific integrity and expert opinion in the making of government policy
Setting out the vision:
Satish Kumar: Natural Law and The Human Condition
Polly Higgins: Development Towards a Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights
John Loveless: Is renewable energy really going to be better than coal, gas and nuclear!
David Triggs: Water rents Programme