Isle of Man

13th International Conference on Land Value Taxation and Free Trade.
Douglas, Isle of Man – 1973

Conference Programme

Ashley Mitchell: OPENING ADDRESS
Discussions on Reports from Around the World
Fred Harrison: The History that Might Have Been
Roy Douglas: Adam Smith and Free Trade
Knud Tholstrup: Land Speculation and Inflation
J. Irving: The Land Problem in the Isle of Man
Frank Othick: Financing Local Government
V.G. Saldji: Site-Value Rating Examined
RECEPTION by Mayor of Douglas
H. M. Wilks: Some Reflections on the Second Valuation of Whitstable
H. M. Wilks: Illustrated Lessons from Whitstable
Ted Gwartney: Hartford: A Case Study in Assessment Reform
Joseph Zashin: The Tax Map Plan
Peter R. Hudson: Administrative Implications of Site-Value Rating
Ray Thomas: Planning and Land Values
Miss V. G. Peterson: “One Way To Better Cities”
Panel Session: Site-Value Rating – Objections Examined
Panel Session: Wider Implications of Site-Value Rating
George Glover: Hong Kong – City of Contrasts
G. Bohnsack: The Land Problem in Germany
Roy Douglas: Land Reform in the British Isles
Will Lissner: Offshore Sea Resource Development: A Spur to Onshore Land Speculation
Dorothy L. Lissner: Land Speculation on the Rural-Urban Fringe
Personally Speaking – Individual. Contributions by various speakers
Geoffrey W. Esty: Vietnam: An American Tragedy of Ignorance
Harry Pollard: The Classical Analysis of Political Economy
Robert Clancy: The Good News and the Bad News
John M. Kelly: A Letter to a Friend
F. McEachran: “Will Not Find Easy Acceptance”
The Name of Our Union – Answers are Needed
Paper and proposal by J. J. Pot