10th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
Hanover, West German

List of Papers

Programme (and list of Participants
Robert Clancy: The Story of the Georgist Movement
Martin Pfannschmidt: Will West Germany Introduce Land-Value Taxation? / Wird Deutschland zur Bodenwertsteuer übergehen?
Sven Rydenfelt: Free Ways to Free Trade / Bahn frei für den Freihandel
S.W. Alexander: Trade Blight over Europe  / Freihandel und Großbritannien
Victor Saldh: Is “Progress and Poverty” Outdated / Ist “Fortschritt und Armut” veraltet
David B. Asher: The Building Land Ratio
A.G. Huie: Local Taxation on Land Values Australia & New Zealand
Glenn E. Hoover: The First Step In Land Value Taxation
Frank A.W. Lucas: The Challenge of World Problems
Ashley Mitchell: Trade Barriers Protestations and Performance
Miss V.G. Peterson: Pathways to Land Reform
Viggo Starcke: The Danish Government / Die Dänishe Regierung
Viggo Starcke: Pharaoh Had a Dream
Philip Knab: Land Value Taxation in Austria (A4) / Bodenwertsteurung in Österreich
Rolland O’Regan: Report from New Zealand
A4 format Papers:
Agnar? : Youth Movement in Denmark
Rupert Mason: Irrigation and Land Values in California
Pavlos Giannelias: Abolish all Taxation, save that on land values
Denmark: Law on Valuation and State Taxation of Real Property