23rd International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade

Conference Programme

Dr. Robert V. Andelsson: Welcome and Opening Remarks
Peter Gibb: Georgist Reform for Scotland. Connecting and Effecting
Mike Curtiss: Free Trade and Globalisation

Principles for Future Society
Dimitry Lvov: Rent as Public Property

Radical Land Reform for Scotland – Political Perspectives
Prof. John Bryden: Land Tax and Social Reform in Scotland
Calum MacDonald MP: A View from Westminster
Marc Ballard: The Big Green Picture
Donald Gorrie MSP: Financing Scotland from Land Reform

Radical Land Reform for Scotland – Civil Perspectives
Peter Gibb: Introduction – Civil Society and the People’s Rule in Land Reform
Andy Wightman: Sovereignty, Democracy, Social Justice and Stewardship
Dr. Graham Blount: God’s Gift
Eurig Scandrett: No more than a fair Share of the Earth’s Resources

Culture and Property below the High Tide Line
Peter Gibb: The Political Context for Change
Alistair McIntosh: Constitutional Theology, Community and Sovereignty of the Sea

Marine Resources and Civic Society
Michael Cunliffe: Stewardship of the Foreshore and the Seabed
Hugh Allen: Community Control of the Fisheries

The Sea for the People
Dr. Roger Sandilands: The Natural Economics of Natural Resources
David B. Thompson: The Sea Clearances, A Global Overview
Dr. Galina Titova: A Global Strategy for Sustainable Use of Marine Resources