4th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, 
Edinburgh 1929

List of Papers:

((Book / Loose Leaf Papers))
K.J. Kristensen: Land Valuation in Denmark
Arthur R. McDougal: Taxation of Land Values and Agriculture
D. de Clerecq: The Reclamation of the Zuieder Zee: Possibilities of Land Settlement in Holland on Georgist Lines
Charles H. Smithson: The Beneficense of Natural Law
Frederick Verinder:
Viggo Starcke: Our Daily Bread
Alex Paletta: The Valuation and Taxation of Land in Germany
F. R. Jones: International Trade, Tariffs and Land-Value Taxation
Axel Fraenckel: The Physiocrats and Henry George
Anders Vedel: War and the Land Question
Messages to the Conference from British Members of Parliament
Alan C. Thompson/Arthur W. Roebuck: Progress of Henry George Thought in Canada
Farhope Single Tax. Corp. 1947, 1948 Report