5th International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
Caxton Hall, Westminster, London, 1936

List of Papers:

Conference Programme
Charles O’Connor Hennessy: The Disconnected World. Freedom the Way to Peace and Prosperity
Bue Bjørner: Reactions and Results of Trade Restrictions
Ole Wang: Access to Raw Materials and the Need for Expansion
Josiah C. Wedgwood: Colonial Systems of Land Tenure and Taxation
S. Vere Pearson: Causes of Fear
Sam Meyer: The Public Debt and Indirect Taxes
F.C.R. Douglas: Official Testimony on Land Value Rating
William N. McNair: The Exemption of Improvements and Land Value Taxation in Pittsburgh
K.J. Kristensen: Land Valuation in Denmark
Harold S. Buttenheim: Town Planning and Taxation: Friends or Foes
Abel Brink: Ten Years of Land Value Taxation in Denmark
C. A. Gardner: The British Municipal Demand for Land Value Rating
Arthur R. McDougal: Agriculture and the Economic Depression
H. Gunnison Brown: Tax Relief–Pretence and Reality
Mervyn J. Stewart: The Violation of Native Rights
H. Kolthek: State Interference in Industry
W. R. Lester: True Free Trade and Laissez-FaireF
Frank McEachran: Henry George and Karl Marx
Chr. Norlev: Problems of Population
A. Daudé-Bancel: The Land Question in Russia
Jackson H. Ralston: California. The Sales Tax and Proposed Constitutional Amendment for Land Value Taxation
Lancaster Greene: The Henry George School of Social Science
Jakob E. Lange: Henry George. America–Europe
E.J. Manus: Remedies for Raising Wages: True and False