15th International Conference on Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
Woudschoten (Utrecht), 1982

Full set of Papers (Bound copy) available

V. H. Blundell: The Legacy of Inflation and Land Monopoly
Fred Harrison: Fiscal Policy and the Economic Development of Belize
Richard Noyes: What’s taking us so long?
R. V. Andelsson: Neo.Georgism: A Panel Discussion led by RVA
Graham Hart: A United Movement
J.L.G. Geddes: A New Approach
Jan J. Pot: Land Tenure in Holland and the Progress of G.I.
Siebe Sevenster: Land Values Part of Wages for Labour
W. Costerus: An Alternative Way of Explaining the Georgist Theory
Steven Cord: Rights come not from Nature but from Reason
Stan Rubinstein: The Dutch, the Patrons and the New World
A. M. Woodruff: Lessons from Taiwan
Mary Rawson: A Cause of Division in Canada
John R. Ferguson: Proposal for Advocating Taxation Methods that …
Harry Pollard: The Reconstruction of Henry George Teaching Economics as a Science
G.R.A. Dunkley: Rating in South Africa: A Quest for Stability
R. Crotty: Taxing Land and Economic Development
Chr. Gandil: The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State
Gustav Bohnsack: Land Problems and their Solution
Philip Finkelstein: Who Owns Earth
Knud Tholstrup: Comments to V.H. Blundell’s Paper
Reply from Blundell