The Land Question

Texts of various writers on the Land Question

  1. Agrarian Justice
    by Thomas Paine
  2. Democracy versus Socialism
    by Max Hirsch
  3. The Problem of Wealth
    by Max Hirsch
  4. A Great Iniquity
    by Leo Tolstoy
  5. Back to the Land
    by Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Nulty, Bishop of Meath
  6. Father McGlynn on the Land Question
    by Father McGlynn
  7. About Panics – Hard Times (1908)
    by James Pollock Kohler
  8. Landlordism
    by Joseph S. Thompson
  9. Winston Churchill on Land Monopoly
    Speech made to the House of Commons, 1909
  10. My Neighbour’s Landmark
    by Frederick Verinder
  11. When Australia was colonized
    by Frank Dupuis