Next Step toward democracy

The Next Step Toward Real Democracy
100 reasons why America should adopt the Singe Tax
by Emil O. Jorgensen (1920)

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Single Tax—What It Is and Why It Should be Adopted
1—It Is Just.
2—It is Sound.
3—It is Simple.
4—It is Adequate to the Needs of Government.
5—It is the Only Tax Reform that Guarantees the Right of Private Property.
6—It is the Only Tax Reform that is in Full Accord with the Moral Law.
7—It is Practicable.
8—It Will Give Us a Tax System that Does Not Discourage Production and Encourage Idleness, but which Discourages Idleness and Encourages Production.
9—It Will Give Us a Tax System that Is Not Complex and Costly but Simple and Inexpensive.
10—It Will Give Us a Tax System that is Not Injurious to the Public Morals, but that is Practically Free From All Temptation to Fraud and Perjury
11—It Will Give Us a Tax System that Does Not Fall Upon Individuals in Proportion to Their “Ability to Pay,” but in Proportion to the “Benefits Received” from the Government.
12—It Will Give Us a Tax System that Does Not Molest “Earned” Incomes, but Which Taxes Only Those That Are “Unearned.”
13—It Will Break the Monopoly of Agricultural Land.
14—It Will Break the Monopoly of Coal, Oil, and Mineral Land.
15—It Will Break the Monopoly of Timber Land.
16—It Will Break the Monopoly of Waterpower Land.
17—It Will Break the Monopoly of Urban Land.
18—It Will Break the Monopoly of Railroad Rights of Way, Pipe Lines, Terminals, Waterfronts, Stockyards, and Public Franchises.
19—It Will Destroy the Injurious Power of the Trusts.
20—It Will Free Competition in Industry
21—It Will Eliminate Multi-Millionaires and Sweep Away Overgrown Fortunes.
22—It Will Insure a Just Distribution of Wealth.
23—It Will Lower the Cost of Living.
24—It Will Reduce the Rent of Land.
25—It Will Stop the Traffic in Speculative Land Tallies and Tremendously Increase the Demand for the Products of Labor.
26—It Will Settle for All Time the Perplexing Problem of Markets.
27—It Will Eliminate Involuntary Unemployment
28—It Will Raise the True Wages of Labor.
29—It Will Dispense With the Need of Labor Organizations; Abolish Strikes, Lockouts, Boycotts, Riots, and Massacres in Industry.
30—It Will Check the Growth of Syndicalism, Bolshevism, Communism, Anarchism, and Similar Revolutionary Movements.
31—It Will Clear the Channels of the Monetary System.
32—It Will Prevent Panics and Industrial Depressions.
33—It Will Remedy the Tariff Problem.
34—It Will Remedy the Immigration Problem.
35—It will Stimulate Enormously the Production of Wealth.
36—It Will Abolish Involuntary Poverty.
37—It Will Solve the Child Labor Problem.
38—It Will Stop the Exploitation of Female Labor.
39—It Will Dispose of the Illiteracy Question.
40—It Will Diminish Crime and Wipe Out Commercialized Vice.
41—It Will Promote Sobriety.
42—It Will Decrease the Desertion of Wives and Infants.
43—It Will Check the Increase of Insanity.
44—It Will Stop Overwork.
45—It Will Improve Sanitation.
46—It Will Reduce to a Minimum Sickness and Disease.
47—It Will Encourage Marriage and Check the Divorce Evil.
48—It Will Lower the Death Rate.
49—It Will Solve the Tenement Housing Problem.
50—It Will Encourage Municipal Improvement,
51—It Will Reduce the Cost of Tax Departments.
52—It Will Reduce the Cost of Fire Departments.
53—Will Reduce the Cost of Police Departments.
54—It Will Reduce the Cost of Public Health Departments.
55—It Will Reduce the Cost of Public Charity Departments.
56—It Will Diminish the Expense of Public Parks, Playgrounds, Zoological Gardens, Schools, Libraries, Bridges, Courthouses, Postoffices, etc.
57—It Will Diminish the Expense of Laying Pavements, Sidewalks, Conduits, Sewers, Water and Gas Mains, Car Lines, Etc.
58—It Will Lower the Cost of Freight and Passenger Transportation.
59—It Will Lower the Expense of Building Homes.
60—It Will Lower the Expense of Erecting Factories, Mills, Plants, and Office Buildings.
61—It Will Lower the Expense of Constructing Churches, Hospitals, and Similar Institutions.
62—It Will Disintegrate the Slums.
63—It Will Facilitate the “Back to The Land” Movement
64—It Will Increase the Taxes in the Richer Districts of Cities.
65—It Will Decrease the Taxes in the Poorer Districts of Cities.
66—It Will Break Up Big Landed Estates and Speculative Holdings in the Farming 1 Communities.
67—It Will Solve the Farm Tenancy and Farm Mortgage Problems.
68—It Will Enlarge the Farmer’s Market and Give Him a Better Price for His Produce.
69—It Will Increase the Agricultural Production.