Taxes and Taxation

The Fiscal Problem:
How to raise public revenue… (but still with reference to Land)

Charles B. Fillebrown (1914)
Taxation  / Read the pdf
Charles B. Fillebrown (1915)
– Thomas G. Shearman and his Natural Taxation
The A B C of Taxation / read as pdf
Principles of Natural Taxation / read as pdf
Economic Club of Boston
The Taxation of Ground Rent (1905)
William Lloyd Garrison
The Philosophy of the Single Tax Movement (1895)
The case for the Single Tax (1913)
Compiled by Edna D. Bullock
Selected Articles on Single Tax (1914) / Read pdf
Isaac Sherman
Exclusive Taxation of Real Estate (1874) / Read pdf
Edwin R. A. Seligman — The Shifting and Incidence of Taxation (1899)
– Part I, Book 1, The Early Theories (pdf)
– Part I, Book 2, The Modern Theories (pdf)
– Part 2, The Doctrine of Incidence (pdf)
Edwin R. A. Seligman — Essays in Taxation
pdf Chapters I – V
pdf Chapters VI-VIII
pdf Chapters IX – X
pdf Chapter XVIII
pdf Chapter XIV
pdf Chapter XV
Thomas G. Shearman:
– Natural Taxation (Introductory, only)
– Natural Taxation (pdf) – (1895-1897)
Henry George’s mistakes (1889)
The Single Tax: What and  Why (1899)
Emil O. Jorgensen (1920)
The Next Step towards real Democracy / Read as pdf
H. F. Ring
The Case Plainly Stated (1887)
The Problem of the unemployed (1905)