On Land Nationalisation

The digital texts on Land Nationalisation comprise:

  1. by Alfred Russell Wallace
    Land Nationalisation (1882)
  2. by Michael Flürscheim (1909)
    Clue to the Economic Labyrinth (1902)
    The Economic and Social Problem  (1909)
    Rent, Interest and Wages (1891) Read the pdf
    The Real History of Money Island (1896) Read the pdf
  3. by Joseph Hyder (1913)
    The Case for Land Nationalisation (1913)
    Profiteering in Land–An Armoury of Facts (1924)
  4. by A.J.O.
    A Colonist’s Plea for Land Nationalisation (1901)
  5. by Robert Blatchford
    Land Nationalisation
  6. by Charles Wicksteed
    The Land for the People (1886)
  7. by A. Emil Davies
    Land Nationalisation. The Key to Social Reform. (1921) (pdf)

Alfred Russell Wallace:
Author of The Malay Archipelago, Island Life, etc. etc.

Michael Flürscheim: 
Author of Rent, Interest and Wages, The Real History of Money Island and Clue to the Economic Labyrinth, etc

Joseph Hyder:
Was secretary to the land nationalisation society;
Author of Land Problems, Public Property in Land, State Land Purchase without Loan or Tax, The Curse of Landlordism
and of 
The Case for Land Nationalisation