On Land Nationalisation

The digital texts on Land Nationalisation comprise:

  1. Land Nationalisation
    by Alfred Russell Wallace (1882) 
  2. The Economic and Social Problem 
    by Michael Flürscheim (1909)
  3. Clue to the Economic Labyrinth
    by Michael Flürscheim (No date – probably 1901)
  4. The Case for Land Nationalisation
    by Joseph Hyder (1913)
  5. Profiteering in Land–An Armoury of Facts
    by Joseph Hyder (1924)
  6. A Colonist’s Plea for Land Nationalisation
    by A.J.O. (1901)


Alfred Russell Wallace:
Author of The Malay Archipelago, Island Life, etc. etc.

Michael Flürscheim: 
Author of Rent, Interest and Wages, The Real History of Money Island and Clue to the Economic Labyrinth, etc

Max Hirsch:

Joseph Hyder:
Was secretary to the land nationalisation society;
Author of Land Problems, Public Property in Land, State Land Purchase without Loan or Tax, The Curse of Landlordism
and of 
The Case for Land Nationalisation