1. A Modest Proposal
    by Jonathan Swift (1729)
  2. The Story of my Dictatorship
    by Lewis H. Berens and Ignatius Singer (1894)
  3. C. Lambek, (in pdf):
    Government by the Principle of Moral Justice (1934)
    The Problem of Morality and Social Justice (1952)
  4. Leo Tolstoy
    The Slavery of our Times (1900)
  5. John Law /pdf)
    Money and Trade considered / and as pdf (1705)
  6. John M. Robertson
    The Fallacy of Saving (1812)—PDF
  7. Emile de Laveley
    Luxury (1912)—and as pdf here
  8. Robert Blatchford
    The Pope’s Socialism (1892)
  9. Lyman Abbott
    The Industrial Problem (1905) as pdf here
  10. Alfred Russel Wallace*:
    The Remedy for Unemployment (No date)
    Bad Times (1885) Read pdf here




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The texts by A.R. Wallace are here, because he  is aware of the Land Problem (see Land Nationalisation).