The Danish part contains criticism of Henry George and his ideas published in Danish.
Here follows similar pages in English – when found

  1. Henry George versus Henry George
    by R.C. Rutherford (1887)
  2. The Taxation of Real Property in Denmark
    by Jens Warming (1924)
  3. State Socialism and the Nationalisation of Land
    by Henry Fawcett, M.P. (1883)
  4. The Single Tax
    by Stewart Browne (1914)
  5. The Single Tax
    by Seligman, Edwin R. A.
  6. The Case against the Single Tax
    by Alvin Saunders Johnson
  7. Selected Articles on Single Tax
    compiled by Edna Bullock (1914)
  8. Yetta Scheffel (1916) (in the positive)
    Extract from The Taxation of Land Value
    (A Study of Certain Discriminatory Taxes on Land)

    The Tax on Land Value (Chapter 1)
    The Tax in its Fiscal Aspect (Chapter VII)
    The Tax as a Social Reform (Chapter VIII & IX)
  9. Emile de Laveley
    Progress and Poverty – a Criticism (1882)