Authors here in alphabetical order!

  1. Lyman Abbott
    The Industrial Problem (1905) as pdf here
  2. Bramwell: A Review of Mr. Henry George’s Progress and Poverty,
    Nationalisation of Land (1885)
  3. Lewis H. Berens and Ignatius Singer (1894)
    The Story of my Dictatorship
  4. Robert Blatchford
    Land Nationalisation
    The Pope’s Socialism (1892)
  5. Economic Club of Boston
    The Taxation of Ground Rent (1905)
  6. Stewart Browne (1914)
    The Single Tax (1914)
  7. Compiled by Edna Bullock
    Selected Articles on Single Tax (1914)
  8. Victor Cathrein
    Champions of Agrarian Socialism (1888)
    Champions of Agrarian Socialism (1888) as pdf
  9. Fustel de Coulanges (1890 / 1927)
    The Origin of Property in Land
  10. George V. Coleman
    George and Democracy (1887)
  11. Harold Cox
    Land Nationalization and Land Taxation (1892 / 1906) as pdf
  12. Severin Christensen
    The Righteous State (1922)
    Right and Wrong (1909)
  13. Winston Churchill
    on Land Monopoly 1909
  14. John Sherwin Crosby
    Government (1896)
  15. John Daily
    Harmony vs. Discord (1900)
  16. Charles Daniel
    Instead of Socialism (1913)
  17. A. Emil Davies
    Land Nationalisation. The Key to Social Reform. (1921) (pdf)
  18. William Harbutt Dawson
    The Unearned Increment / read pdf
  19. Patrick Edward Dove
    The Theory of Human Progression
  20. by Frank Dupuis
    When Australia was Colonized (1952)
  21. Joseph Edwards
    History of Landholding in England
  22. Henry Fawcett, M.P.
    State Socialism and the Nationalisation of Land (1883)
  23. Joseph Fels (1910)
    Franklin and Freedom
  24. Mary Fels
    Joseph Fels – His Life-Work
    and as pdf: Joseph Fels
  25. Charles B. Fillebrown (1915)
    Thomas G. Shearman and his Natural Taxation
    The A B C of Taxation / read as pdf
    Principles of Natural Taxation / read as pdf
    Taxation  / Read the pdf (1914)
  26. Michael Flürscheim
    Clue to the Economic Labyrinth (1902)
    The Economic and Social Problem  (1909)
    Rent, Interest and Wages (1891) Read the pdf
    The Real History of Money Island (1896) Read the pdf
  27. William Lloyd Garrison
    The Philosophy of the Single Tax Movement (1895)
    The case for the Single Tax (1913)
  28. Henry George
    A Perplexed Philosopher (1893)
    The Condition of Labor
    Articles and Speeches
    Our Land and our Land Policy (1871)
    The Irish Land Question (1881)
  29. Henry George Jr.
    The Menace of Privilege
  30. Judson Grenell
    Economic Tangles (1902)
  31. Laurence Gronlund
    Insufficiency of Henry George’s Theory (1887)
  32. George Raymond Geiger
    Henry George – A Biography
  33. Father McGlynn
    Father McGlynn on the Land Question
  34. William Hanson
    The Fallacies in Progress & Poverty (1884) as pdf
  35. Max Hirsch
    Democracy versus Socialism
    The Problem of Wealth (No date)
    An Exposure of Socialism (1904)
    Proposals and Conceptions of Socialism (1920)
  36. John Haynes Holmes
    Henry George–a Biography (1945)
  37. Baron Vilhelm von Humboldt
    The Sphere and Duties of Government (1854)
  38. Thomas H. Huxley — Collected Essays
    Natural Rights and Political Rights (Vol. VIII, 1890)
  39. Joseph Hyder
    The Case for Land Nationalisation (1913)
    Profiteering in Land–An Armoury of Facts (1924)
  40. Robert G. Ingersoll
    Robert G. Ingersoll on Henry George (1886)
  41. Emil O. Jorgensen (1920)
    The Next Step towards real Democracy / Read as pdf
  42. Alvin Saunders Johnson
    The Case against the Single Tax
  43. James Pollock Kohler
    About Panics – Hard Times (1908)
  44. K. J. Kristensen
    Land Valuation in Denmark (1903 – 1945) (1939)
  45. P. Larsen, Nils av Ekenstam, S. Wielgolski
    Georgism in Scandinavia (1917)
  46. C. Lambek
    Government by the Principle of Moral Justice (1934)
    The Problem of Morality and Social Justice (1952)
    Problems of Morality and Moral Justice (1952)
    Government by the Principle of Moral Justice (1934)
  47. Emile de Laveley
    Luxury (1912)—and as pdf here
    Progress and Poverty – a Criticism (1882)
  48. John Law /pdf)
    Money and Trade considered / and as pdf (1705)
  49. Thomas Malthus
    An Inquiry into the Nature etc. of Rent (1815)
    Principles of Political Economy,
    Ch. III. Of the Rent of Land
  50. Francis Neilson, D.Litt. (1940)
    Henry George – The Scholar
  51. Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Nulty, Bishop of Meath (1881)
    Back to the Land
  52. A.J.O. (Ogilvie)
    A Colonist’s Plea for Land Nationalisation (1901)
  53. Thomas Paine (1797)
    Agrarian Justice
  54. Lieut.-Col. D. C. Pedder
    Henry George and his Gospel (1908)
  55. Frederick Pollock (1887)
    The Land Laws
  56. Louis F. Post
    Social Service
    The Prophet of San Franciscot
  57. H. F. Ring
    The Case Plainly Stated (1887)
    The Problem of the unemployed (1905)
  58. Thorold Rogers
    The Rent of Land, Ch. XII. (1868)
  59. John M. Robertson
    The Fallacy of Saving (1812)—PDF
  60. R.C. Rutherford
    Henry George versus Henry George (1887)
  61. Yetta Scheffel (1916) Extract from The Taxation of Land Value
    (A Study of Certain Discriminatory Taxes on Land)

    The Tax on Land Value (Chapter 1)
    The Tax in its Fiscal Aspect (Chapter VII)
    The Tax as a Social Reform (Chapter VIII & IX)
  62. Isaac Sherman
    Exclusive Taxation of Real Estate (1874) / Read pdf
  63. Johannes Smith 1852
    Christian Lambek (1870-1947)
  64. William Smart
    The Taxation of Land Values and The Single Tax (1900)
  65. Herbert Spencer
    Social Statics, Kap. IX
  66. Edwin R.A. Seligman
    The Economic Interpretation of History
    The Single Tax
    The Shifting and Incidence of Taxation (1899)
    – Part I, Book 1, The Early Theories (pdf)
    – Part I, Book 2, The Modern Theories (pdf)
    – Part 2, The Doctrine of Incidence (pdf)
    Essays in Taxation
    pdf Chapters I – V
    pdf Chapters VI-VIII
    pdf Chapters IX – X
    pdf Chapter XVIII
    pdf Chapter XIV
    pdf Chapter XV
  67. G. Bernard Shaw
    The Basis of Socialism (1889)
  68. Thomas G. Shearman:
    Natural Taxation (Introductory, only)
    Natural Taxation (pdf) – (1895-1897)
    Henry George’s mistakes (1889)
    The Single Tax: What and  Why (1899)
  69. Abridged from Dr Gilbert Slater
    How the English People became Landless (1913)
  70. Viggo Starcke (1962)
    Centuries of Experience with Land Taxation in Denmark
  71. Jonathan Swift (1729)
    A Modest Proposal
  72. Leo Tolstoy
    A Great Iniquity (1905)
    The Slavery of our Times (1900)
  73. Arnold Toynbee
    Progress and Poverty – A Criticism (1883) As pdf
  74. Joseph S. Thompson (1937)
  75. Frederick Verinder
    My Neighbour’s Landmark (1911)
    Land and Freedom  (1935)
    Is there a cure for unemployment? (1921)
    Just Basis of Taxation (1907)
  76. F. C. Wade
    The Single Tax Failure in Vancouver (1914)
  77. Alfred Russell Wallace
    Land Nationalisation (1882)
    The Remedy for Unemployment (No date)
    Bad Times (1885) Read pdf here
    The Wonderful Century (1898), Read the pdf
  78. Jens Warming
    The Taxation of Real Property in Denmark (1924()
  79. Charles Wicksteed
    The Land for the People (1886)
  80. John Wheelwright (1898)
    Landlordism: Its Origin and Growth
  81. Josiah & Ethel Wedgwood
    The Road to Freedom (1913)
  82. Henry Winn
    Property in Land (1888)