21st International Conference on Land Value Taxation and Free Trade
21. Internationale Konference for grundskyld og frihandel
Roskilde, Danmark - 1995

Land Policy Review and Reform Programme in Malawi. Shaibu Itimu
Reconstruction of Henry George - The Sequel. Harry Pollard
Latest Development in the Science of Political Economy. J. J. Pot
The declaration of Independence - Where it all began. Stan Rubenstein
Property Rights A Common-sensism. Richard Noyes
The World demands a new way of thinking - a new mentality. Ewen Lorch-Falch
Sustainable development of settlements and territories based on socialization of land rent. Tamara Chistiakova
Righting wrongs - An end to the language of rights and the rebirth of freedom. Ian Lambert
The Spirit of Freedom and the Spirit of Monopoly  Ian Lambert
Profit sharing of the resources of nature instead of social subsidies and taxes. Bent Straarup
To fill the Rights gap. Helen Fjortoft
Cadastral Surveys and the assessment of Land Values The Danish Model  Jorn Jensen
Re-integrated Socio-economic Urban Design  Antony Trowbridge
Let's re-align the factors of production  John Hatherley
The Issue of the Poll Tax in UK and its Economical, Political and Financial Implications  Fernando S. Gerstein
The Decline and Fall of Georgism. A New Modest Proposal  Jack Schwartzman
The Global Perspective  Ib Christensen
Scrap the old Tax - Why and How  Ole Lefmann
Who should support Property Tax Reform - and why  Lowell Harriss

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